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What is the advantage of video recording to long-term EEG recording? The video allows the delineation of whether the clinical onset of the event precedes, is concurrent with, or follows the electrographic onset which allows differentiation of paroxysmal non-epileptic seizure-like events (PNES) from true epileptic seizures. Conversely, if there are clinical events that are characteristic of seizures of frontal lobe origin that may have no scalp EEG correlate, the video may allow their identification where a standard EEG would not.

Some of the advantages of an Outpatient Study:

The study is performed in the normal environment where the episodes in question generally occur. The study can be scheduled and executed at a faster pace than inpatient studies. With our quick response and availability, there is a much higher level of patient compliance with completion of the testing, and a much faster turnaround of the final report getting to the ordering physician.

The expense is also substantially lower than an inpatient study (as low as 1/6th the cost for a 72-hour recording).

Physician's Benefits:

Performed in the convenience and comfort of your patient’s home

Convenient setup times and tech support

Visually scanned by our highly qualified Registered EEG Technologists

Comprehensive Technical Description provided within 48-72 hours

Access to studies via the cloud through our secure server

We schedule the patients hence no staffing, equipment or start-up costs required by your office

Physicians can read their own studies, change montages, sensitivity, or filters at any time

At Advanced Neurodiagnostics we recognize we are an extension of the physicians and staff we work with. We strive to create a true partnership experience for our providers as we are their representatives. We do this while ensuring that Patient Care remains our #1 priority.

Sample workflow:

  1. Our patient care coordinators provide all of the insurance verifications, obtain the authorizations, and schedule the tests.

  2. We have an open schedule running test 7 days a week, thus creating availability and accommodation for your patients.

  3. We provide the EEG report for each study with a modifiable template that suits the individual needs of each physician.

  4. The typical turnaround time from disconnect to a complete reviewed and reported study by our team of highly trained registered EEG technologists is within 48 business hours.

  5. If the physician does not wish to interpret the study, we can have one of our Epileptologists interpret the study and provide you with the report.

  6. Access to studies via the cloud through our secure cloud-based server.


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We are experts in EEG diagnostic services and work with healthcare professionals to provide these services to patients.


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