What is Video Ambulatory EEG?

Video Ambulatory EEG allows the doctor to see any kind of events that you may have while you are conducting some of your normal daily activities. The neurologist will also get a better understanding of what might be happening at night while you sleep. The ambulatory EEG device will be worn for a specific amount of time that your neurologist believes will give him/her the best chance to find what they are looking for, usually 72 hours in most cases.

Approximately 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy or recurrent seizures during their lifetime, with a prevalence of roughly 1% of the population. Beyond the direct effects of seizures, people suffering from epilepsy may have a number of challenges including diminished family and social support, impaired cognition, medical and psychiatric comorbidities and societal stigma – all leading to a reduced quality of life.

Continuous recording of the electroencephalogram (EEG) with video is needed for correct diagnosis. This can all be done at your own home which reduces the cost, increases the convenience while maintain the same diagnostic accuracy.

Routine EEG testing:

In home Ambulatory EEG testing:

Hospital services:

  • In and Out patient EEG testing

  • EMU

  • Neuro ICU

  • Pediatrics

  • Specialty testing

Benefits for facilities to use our services include:

  • Patient care and safety with 24/7 coverage

  • Financial benefits such as large-scale cost reductions in equipment and staffing for the facilities

  • Highly trained qualified staffing to meet physician requirements

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We are experts in EEG diagnostic services and work with healthcare professionals to provide these services to patients.


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